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About the Tag Generators Developer

About me
(the Webmaster)

Welcome to, where content creators can quickly generate tags, identify trends, research the best ideas, and generate unique content using ChatGPT AI prompt generators on every report. to go to market quickly and product high quality content!

I am Joshua, a webmaster from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I really enjoy PHP programming and front-end development (Html, css, etc).

I've been immersed in the world of web development since around 2005 and have done work both professionally and as a hobby. Lately, it is all I want to do is make this idea and website great!


I studied Computer Science at Roger's State University (online). At the time, I was young and my wife was pregnant with our first son and I was studying because I wanted to develop my career as an engineer at the hospital (where I worked). When I picked up the PHP4 book (I think that was the version... been a while), instead of doing the examples for each class section, I just went through the whole book and coded every example. I was in love <3

Professional Journey

About half of my professional life was spent as an Engineer (desktop development) at the local hospital. I decided I wanted to pursue my passion and go it alone full time as a web developer.

For this website, I built a unique file system for this site that can hold infinite pages to accomodate the storage limits while running on Godaddy's $15/month plan (decentralized date url storage)

The Genesis of

Now, let me share the story behind This project holds a special place in my heart. We have all been stuck inside during the pandemic and many of us for long afterwards. I am not ill, but I have responsibilities that make everything difficult these days.

This is the rebuild. I hope you like it! If you have questions or ideas, comments, etc, please email

Beyond Code

I have a cat that pretty much gets all my time whenever she wants. Laura and I also got 13 cats fixed (TNR) in our trailerpark since 2022! If I ever have enough money to buy a guitar again, then I can quit doing the air guitar! You know... normal stuff!

Join Me on this Journey

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